Agile methodology for mobile application development is an effective approach to software development businesses. The “agile methodology” for mobile app development ensures the proper channel of communication.

Principles of Agile Software Development

  • Customer satisfaction and continuous delivery of valuable software
  • Welcome changing requirements
  • Frequent delivery of working software
  • Cooperation between business people and developers
  • Projects are built around motivated individuals
  • Face to face conversation
  • Working software as the measurement of focus
  • Sustainable development
  • Attention to technical excellence
  • Simplicity
  • Best architectures, designers and requirements

Agile methodology sounds perfect for mobile application development and it is really super flexible. The agile methodology allows changes in the project development requirement even after the initial planning has been completed. Iterative development method is followed in the agile methodology for mobile application development.

Testing is performed concurrently with programming in the agile methodology and it focuses on customer satisfaction.

The process of agile methodology

  • Conception
  • Initiation
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Testing
  • Deployment

Agile as an Effective Approach to Software Development

Agile methodology will be of immense use in the rapid production of mobile app development and it allows changing the scope of the project by clients. Agile is really helpful for mobile application development since it is easily adaptable and it is one of the most commonly used principles in project management. Increased business value, great transparency, and better quality management are the features of agile methodology in the mobile application development field. Scrum is one of the most widely used subdomains of agile methodology and it has rapidly expanded into handling big projects. The scrum is mostly used by mobile application development agencies and software development companies. Scrum team breaks down allotted work via product backlogs that are covered via three-week cycles known as sprints. Every sprint associated with Scrum comes with a timeline that extends from a period of two months to three months.

How Does Scrum Affect Mobile Application Development?

  • Mobile app quality improvement
  • Greater client satisfaction
  • Greater transparency
  • Quick return on investment

Scrum methodology ensures that a mobile app is developed according to the set quality standard and it guarantees high performance and acceptance. Clients will get a clear access of the app progress since agile method is based on involving clients at every point. The agile methodology in mobile application development offers greater transparency since the practice of agile methodology is based on involving every stakeholder in the development process.

Faster development and return on investment are the major benefits of using agile methodology in the mobile application development process. Mobile application development companies can start the process much faster with the help of agile development methodology. Expedited app development timeline is the tangible benefit of the usage of agile methodology in mobile application development. Agile methodology enabled company will be able to take up multiple areas of the development process. The ease of testing the app function is another prominent highlight of Agile methodology in mobile application development.

Factors to Consider Before Implementing Agile Scrum in Mobile App Development

  • Identification of defects
  • Application building
  • Application designing
  • Requirement analysis

A mobile application development company will have to employ a Scrum Master who will be taking care of the development process. The major duties of a scrum master include gathering requirement from stakeholders and getting inputs from end users. The scrum master will be responsible for holding the scrum meetings and managing the backlogs. The role of a scrum master is very crucial in mobile application development using agile methodology. A scrum master will be single-handedly responsible for completion of the Scrum enabled mobile application development.

Crucial Role of Scrum Master

The success of mobile app development is based on agile scrum development methodology and the roles and responsibilities of a scrum team should be clearly defined. A typical mobile application development project will face number of execution challenges if the team members are not comfortable with their roles. A mobile application development team should take full advantage of agile scrum methodology and the agile methodology works best for small size teams. Teams with varying deliverables and constant interaction can make use of agile methodology for mobile application development. Mobile application companies dealing with marketing, software development and supply chain markets make use of agile methodology.
All stakeholders and team on board of a “mobile application development company” should have crystal clear idea about the agile methodology. The agile methodology functions as an alternative for traditional methods of project management in application development. Agile methodology in mobile app development promotes adaptive planning, early delivery and continuous improvements. The iterative and flexible approach of mobile application development projects can be used in complex projects. A big mobile application project can be broken down into small parts and agile methodology can be applied to each of these small parts.
High customer engagement is a prerequisite for agile methodology in mobile application development. Agile methodologies play a key role in creating user friendly and high quality mobile applications. There will be constant interaction between mobile developers and business owners in a mobile app development company which follows agile methodologies. Clients will have the flexibility to request modifications even after the later stages of development by using agile methodology. This feature is important to meet the rapidly changing market demands and agile methodology allows breaking down large number of requirements into small chunks.
High Customer Engagement by Agile Methodology
Maximum utilization of resources is the striking feature of agile methodology used in mobile application development. It has been found that agile methodologies in mobile application development are more effective for goal driven mobile apps.
Mobile apps which require error free delivery of information are the main beneficiaries of agile technology. The “agile scrum methodology” for mobile apps refers to a type of agile development methodology in which scrum is an agile structure. Scrum breaks the process of app development into small chunks and each scrum is managed by an individual project manager.

Advantages of agile methodology in mobile app development

  • It allows to make changes, add new features and evolve with the changing trends in mobile application development
  • Testing can be performed at each stage
  • Agile methodology follows a team based approach
  • Projects can be launched as soon as possible since testing occurs simultaneously
  • Continuous delivery of app modules
  • Customers, developers and testers are in constant communication

Agile methodology in mobile application development contributes immensely to the growing list of clients. Agile project management software serves for profit, non profit and digital marketing agencies all over the globe. Agile methodology helps a technology professional to become an integral part of cross functional team consisting of UI designers, UX designers, mobile app developers and quality analysts.
The Agile Structure of Scrum
Agile helps a mobile application developer to gain 360 degree visibility on the software lifecycle. Agile delivery methodology in mobile app development ensures access to the working software on a regular basis. The end result of agile methodology in mobile application development is a mobile app equipped with technical and user experience excellence. Mobile app development companies can get their projects delivered as per time to market using agile development methodology. Typical agile methodology covers requirement, gathering, design, modelling, coding, testing, planning and risk management.
Acceptance test driven development, agile modelling, agile testing, backlogs and behaviour driven development are the best known practices in agile enabled mobile app development. The acceptance test driven development connects mobile application developers with testers and developers. Communication of app development project is the first and foremost objective of agile methodology. Agile modelling eases the implementation of development methodologies like Scrum, extreme programming, and rational unified process. Agile testing makes testing an integral component of mobile app development lifecycle and it ensures the elimination of bugs and errors. The agile testing is led by well experienced testers and it keeps everyone from the mobile application development in loop.
According to seasoned mobile app developers, backlogs are helpful in the iterative and incremental mobile app development. Behaviour driven development features the validation of app functionality and it features knowing the root causes and fixing them. Agile practices require every team to work in collaboration with each other in order to achieve the target. Agile methodology ensures that cross functional teams contribute immensely to the growth of mobile app development. Agile involves continuous iteration of every process including design, development, testing, and QA. The step by step agile methodology for mobile application development includes improvement, user review, deployment, discovery, design, and development.
The whole process of agile methodology in mobile app development is described below.
The client company comes with an app idea
Mobile app Development Company discusses them, leave feedback and suggestions
Mobile app team finalizes the app requirements
The plan of action and execution are proposed
The development and designing of the app are started
The app is sent to testers and QA team
The developers work on bugs
Client Company comes up with some feedback
The next action step is decided based on the feedback and requirement
The mobile app development company comes back to the client for approval
The app is improved until the client approves
The app is prepared for launch after getting approval
The live app is checked for bugs and extensions
Continued support and maintenance of the app are offered
Agile methodology is found as the most effective way to build amazing and effective mobile applications. Mobile app development companies can create the highest quality and sustainable mobile application with agile methodology. Have you ever thought about the unique selling proposition of agile methodology in mobile app development? It is undoubtedly the ability of agile methodology to encourage constant communication between various teams.
The agile methodology is an incremental mobile application development approach and the complete mobile app project is divided into smaller modules. The outcome of agile methodology in mobile app development is a streamlined application development process. Agile is a tool that allows taking calculated risks and improving the market scope of the mobile app development project. The agile methodology allows a mobile app development company to make changes to any particular sprint without disturbing the previous sprint code. Agile fosters the testing of every single module at the primitive level and seamless project management is the unique attraction of agile development methodology.
Managing the mobile app development project is as simple as a straight line with the help of agile methodology. Enhanced customer experience is another top rated feature of agile methodology and the agile puts strong emphasis on people and collaboration. Projects are delivered in the form of multiple sprints as a result of agile methodology and it brings transparency to the process. Lower development cost is another prominent feature of agile enabled mobile application development. Agile methodology ensures that every step in app development is planned, executed and delivered.
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